A G20 tourism meeting is held in India

A G20 tourism meeting is held in India
On May 22, 2023, delegates attend the G20 tourism summit in Srinagar. — AFP

A G20 tourism meeting is held in India As New Delhi attempts to present a picture of normalcy in an area plagued by conflict for decades, a G20 tourism meeting got underway on Monday in occupied Kashmir under heavy security.

The event’s location in the occupied valley has been denounced by China and Pakistan alike.

A G20 tourism meeting is held in India . India aims to demonstrate that the region is once again experiencing what officials refer to as “normalcy and peace” after New Delhi removed its limited autonomy and assumed direct control in 2019, imposing a lengthy lockdown.

Although young men continue to take up guns, Kashmiri fighters have been largely defeated since then, and the annual death toll—which previously reached the thousands has been declining. In 2017 there were 253 fatalities.

With its stunning mountain beauty and banners at the airport calling it paradise on earth India is currently pushing tourism in the area. Last year, more than a million Indian nationals came.

However, in what critics claim to be a significant limitation of civil liberties by New Delhi, opposition has been criminalized, media freedoms restricted, and public protests prohibited.

A G20 tourism meeting is held in India

In response to last week’s police statement that security had been increased “to avoid any chance of an attack during the G20 meeting, soldiers and armored vehicles were stationed across Srinagar on Monday.

However, a number of the barbed-wire and metal mesh-enclosed checkpoints had been demolished the previous night, and some paramilitary police stood behind G20 advertising panels in an apparent attempt to reduce the security forces’ visibility.

The People’s Anti-Fascist Front, a fresh rebel organization that appeared in occupied Kashmir following 2019 and denounced the incident, threatened to “deploy suicide bombers” in response.

“Today, tomorrow, or the following day. It promised to arrive.

Accusing India of a “show of arrogance Bilawal

While this was going on, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari criticized India for its “display of arrogance” in a speech to the AJK Legislative Assembly today.

In his remarks, he highlighted that “no amount of diplomatic deceit or Indian state-perpetrated terror can change this fact” and that “India’s continued denial of the rights of the Kashmiri people is a crime against humanity.”
wrongful and illegal act.”
He bemoaned the fact that Muslims were being forced to live in dread since occupied Kashmir has turned into a “open prison” today. Under draconian laws that support the Indian occupying forces, mayhem is still ongoing.

The “wretched, systematic, and perpetual barbarism” of New Delhi, according to Bilawal, “violates not only international law but also makes a mockery of the fundamental human rights.”

How can the world watch as a large country disregards the rights upheld by the security council, the minister questioned?

A further “show of arrogance” on the part of India, he emphasized, was having the G20 moot in the occupied Kashmir. How is it possible for India to assert that life has returned to normal in occupied Kashmir?

I want to remind the Indian officials that taking unilateral action in occupied Kashmir will neither make their occupation democratic nor suppress the real occupation of the Kashmiri people, he said.

If India wants to be a superpower, it must act like one, said Bilawal.

“Places infested with terrorists”

On the shores of Dal Lake in Srinagar, a large, heavily guarded stadium will host the three-day event.

Though several Western countries are sending merely local diplomatic staff, two Indian government ministers are present.

China, a G20 member with its own territorial disputes with India, has declined to go, and neither Turkey nor Saudi Arabia are anticipated to send delegates. In the meantime, concerns have been voiced over the selection of the site.

Does the Modi administration believe that tourism can be marketed in secret conference rooms next to a picturesque lake that marine commandos are patrolling as surveillance drones fly overhead Bharat Bhushan is a columnist for the Deccan Herald.
Foreign journalists need special permission to travel to occupied Kashmir; ordinarily, this authorization is not given, but it has been for this particular event.

The permits are only good for reporting on the G20 summit itself and are only valid in Srinagar. Holders are forbidden from “propagating narratives against India” and from going to “terrorist-infested places without permission. India’s government has booked more than 100 meetings during the G20’s 2023 chair year.

It and China are involved in a military standoff in the Latah area along their largely undefined boundary. Beijing also refers to Kashmir as a “disputed territory” and asserts that the entire Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh belongs to Tibet.
Wang Wending, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry, told reporters last week that China “firmly opposes holding any form of G20 meeting in disputed territory and will not attend such meetings Beijing recently withdrew from Latah and Arunachal Pradesh-related initiatives.

The G20 summit is being used by New Delhi to portray an international seal of approval” on a situation that “should be decried and condemned,” according to Fernand de Varennes, the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues. India disapproved of the remarks.

Residents have complained about the tightened security. On condition of anonymity, a senior official told AFP that thousands of people, including merchants, had received calls from authorities warning against any “signs of protest or trouble” and that hundreds had been detained in police stations.

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