Anabel Gomez Lopez

Anabel Gomez Lopez: The Disturbing Trail of Crimes

Anabel Lopez Gomez has a long history of being in the spotlight. Tamales with beef sold by Anabel Lopez outside the train station. From the street, she brought a lost girl to her home. To utilize the little girl’s meat as the stuffing for his tomatoes, she killed her. She started to foster admiration and success among the diners. What she was preparing for dinner is beyond the imagination of anyone. When Anabel Gomez Lopez’s clients discovered the truth, they became furious.

Anabel Gomez Lopez

The truth was uncovered by the regular clientele in a newspaper clipping that included a red note section. They were astonished when they initially read it. As a result, they were offended by Anabel Lopez’s callous deed. It took until 2017 for the Indios Verdes tamera to be able to stop her wrongdoings. Officials from the Attorney General’s Office of CDMX captured Anabel. Let’s go into more information about Anabel Gomez Lopez:

Early Life & Education: Anabel Gomez Lopez

  • In Villanueva de San Juan, Seville, Spain, Anabel Gomez Lopez was born. Since she was eleven years old, she has lived in Dos Hermanas. Anabel has two kids and is married. The youngest child is twenty years old, while the oldest is approximately twenty-four. She has presided over the AECC Local Board as its president. She was the David Rivas Social Center’s president before. Anabel remembers having a constant interest in neighborhood, school, and social activities.
  • The La Andrada hacienda is the venue for this edition of the III Gala of Hope. a lunch buffet with prices starting at 25 euros for kids and 35 euros for adults. It will honor those who have made contributions to raising patients’ quality of life. Dr. Eduardo Ros Herranz is the hematologist in charge of the oncology unit at Valme Hospital and the head of the hematology service. As the contributors’ representative, Francisco Javier Fernandez Mejas will act.
  • Following her graduation from the US in 2003, Anabel Lopez Tamales made her way back to Belgium. She attended Liege’s Royal Conservatory to study. She had a passion for theater and performed on stages in Lisbon, Brussels, Rome, and Vienna. It revisits well-known works, such as Molière’s Dom Juan. less traditional ones, such as Pornography by Simon Stephens. It is about the limits on individual privacy and an overly monitoring state.

Diverse Acting Roles of Anabel Lopez

  • For several years, she was only given minor roles in films. Hugo Gelin, Michel Boujenah, and Pascal Chaumeil are in charge of the film. TV series in which Anabel Gomez Lopez La Tamalera has made appearances include Baron Noir, Sophie Cross, and Trap. The 2019 feature film Pascal Bonitzer and Les Envoutes starring Sara Giraudeau, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Nicolas Maury will also feature it.
  • Lopez was a lawyer involved in the State Scandal inquiry. She appeared in the Disney+ comedy Weekend Family as Eric Judor’s ex-wife. The healer in Filles du feu, one of a long line of healers. Fall 2023 sees the France 2 premiere. In every aspect, Jeannette and her persona make respectable mothers. She wakes up in a bad dream set in the early 17th century. These are the worst witch hunts that France has ever seen.
  • Throughout the episodes, Zoe Adjani and Lizzie Brochere have to struggle to survive. The historical story takes place during a terrible time in our past. The actor has the chance to become more visible to a global audience during this time. Right now, it’s one of the most important jobs in her career.

Upcoming Projects & Collaborations

In the credits of the musical comedy with Emilia Perez and Jacques Audiard, Anabel Lopez makes an appearance. Lopez also makes an appearance in Kidnapping Inc., a black comedy set in Haitian culture. She can be seen in the terrifying as well. The screenplay for We Are Not Alone in the World was written by Bruno Tracq and Selma Alaoui.

Career Trajectory of Anabel Lopez

One person involved in the Nueva Trova movement was Anabel Gomez Lopez. Xiomara Laugart, Santiago Feli, and Alberto Tosca are with Lopez. She has appeared on radio and television. She also took part in other competitions and events in Poland and Cuba. In addition, Lopez has given performances in Sweden, Finland, and Argentina. The photographs by Anabel Gomez Lopez included music from the Vieja and Nueva Trova, which is Cuban music. It also includes works by Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodriguez.

What happened to Anabel Gomez Lopez?

Eventually, Anabel Gomez Lopez Tamales was found. She faced charges of both murder and harm to the public’s health. Because of her horrible acts, she received a 25-year prison sentence. Her story turned into a terrifying urban legend that permanently altered the communal memory of Mexicans. It serves as a reminder of the horrific crimes that people have committed throughout history.

How did they figure out the Indios Verdes Tamalera’s Secret?

  • For many years, the Indios Verdes tamale was involved in criminal activity. She did so up until 2017, when her awful secret came to light. Her neighbors became concerned about a gas leak in her apartment, which led the police to look into it.
  • When they walked into their house, they were met with the repulsive smell of rotting meat and gas. Anabel acknowledged killing more than 50 women after being unable to refute her crimes. She made the tamales she sold using their bodies. This horrifying discovery led to her being taken into custody by the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office.

Human Tamale Maker of Mexico City: The Complete Story

  • The gloomy streets of Mexico City were filled with the aroma of freshly made tamales. It draws in the ravenous commuters. Outside the CDMX metro station, a well-known tamale maker was hawking her goods. Beneath the delicious aromas and bubbling pots, however, was a grim truth.
  • As the investigators moved through the dimly lit rooms, they saw a horrifying sight. In the living room lay the bones of a young woman who had been deprived of all meat and flesh. The tamales’ rich flavor and tender texture made them well-known. The fact that human flesh was the hidden component was not known to Anabel’s clientele.


The horrific act of selling human flesh on Mexican streets was carried out by Anabel Gomez Lopez. Lopez acknowledged her crimes of mass murder. She described to them how she killed them after luring them to her home. According to Annabel, the victim was initially hard to comprehend. After some time, she learned how to behave. At first, it was challenging to extract all of the meat from the victims’ bones. Anabel Gomez’s attorney contended that her mental health was compromised. Annabelle was given a 25-year prison sentence by the judge for murder and grievous bodily damage.


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