Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 Pro model || 15ایپل آئی فون

Apples dream I phone which is completely all-screen will be made with the display of the Phone 15 Pro and Pro Max versions using a new technology. The newest I Phone model from Apple may be released in September of this year.

Apple iPhone 15

Apple has reportedly been working on an IPhone without display borders or cutouts for cameras and sensors for years, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gunman.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro || 15ایپل آئی فون series might come with Titanium frame, tap tic button

The massive technological company Apple, with headquarters in Cupertino, introduced the Apple iPhone 14 series in 2016. The firm is now expected to unveil the iPhone 15 series. With rumors about the phones’ characteristics, the purported smart phone series is already in the headlines. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max may offer brand-new features that have never been seen before, according to a recent allegation.

Apple iPhone 15

A titanium frame, solid state buttons with hap tic feedback, and more RAM are anticipated for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro || ایپل آئی فون and iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to a report by Mac Rumors citing technology researcher Jeff  Pun  . According to rumors, Pun predicted these features for the iPhone Pro series in a research paper he wrote for the Hong Kong-based investment company Hating International Securities.

Apple iPhone 15 || ایپل آئی فون Additionally, the California-based company promises to improve the camera on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, according another 9To5Mac speculation. These devices may get the same camera sensors that were exclusively offered for the iPhone 14 Pro models, according to reports.

If the speculation is true, it’s possible that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may include a three-stacked back camera with a 48MP wide lens. to be accurate in the future. The source also states that the iPhone 15 models could not have a LiDAR scanner or a telephoto lens for optical zoom.

Apple iPhone 15 || ایپل آئی فون The base models of the iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, may also be less expensive than the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, according to a Mac Rumors report. Plus.

The Cupertino-based corporation is reportedly considering two tactics to ensure the success of the next Plus iPhone, according to the information from tipster yeux1122. The first alternative, according to the article, may be for the corporation to emphasise the distinction between Pro and non-Pro versions. Apple is likely to convince shoppers searching for a large-screen phone but on a budget to go with the iPhone 15 Plus. This is consistent with an idea put out a few weeks ago by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apples new LIPO technology

With the Apple iPhone 15 || ایپل آئی فون and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, Apple is now anticipated to adopt a new technique known as low-injection pressure over-molding or LIPO to reduce the border size from 2.2 millimeters to 1.5 millimeters. The procedure was initially employed in the Apple Watch Series 7 to expand the display and thin the borders, and it is anticipated that it would soon be used to iPod tablets as well.

Apple iPhone 15

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro || ایپل آئی فون and iPhone 15 Pro Max are anticipated to include a titanium frame, solid-state buttons with hap tic feedback, and more RAM, according to a previous report by Mac Rumors. The Pro variants are also expected to have a USB-C connector, a programmable Action button, a speedier A17 Bionic CPU, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, and an upgraded camera.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Main Camera Module to Be an Inch Larger than iPhone 14 Pro Max New Case Images Leak Show Massive Rear Cutout

The periscope zoom camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is rumored to be one of the major advancements, making it the first Apple flagship to include this type of optical gear. According to the most recent claimed case picture leaks, which depict a sizable back cutout, the main camera module on the expensive phone will be an inch bigger than the module on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, indicating a significant amount of internal alterations.

The larger rear camera module size of the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be due to its periscope zoom lens

Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to have sensors that are similar to those found in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, a Web account known as “Fixed Focus Digital” alleges that the back module of the next flagship will be an inch larger than its forerunner. Since the back cutout will obscure a portion of the triple camera array, it follows that existing iPhone 14 Pro Max covers won’t work with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. We may have some theories as to why the entire rear module will be an inch larger.

Apple iPhone 15

One reason the rear module’s size would need to be forcedly enlarged is because we previously predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s periscope camera will be swapped with the ultrawide one, most likely owing to a shortage of space. Additionally, it is said that the whole iPhone 15 series has a wider aperture than last year’s models, indicating that even the non-Pro variants would have a larger module when they are formally unveiled. The Weibo account provided photographs comparing several iPhone 15 covers, and it should come as no surprise that the costlier options feature a larger cutout.

The iPhone 15 Pro Will Have Thinner Bezels in Step Toward Apple’s Dream

Within a few weeks, Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 and new watches. The updated range will be another step in the direction of the company’s ideal iPhone; however the Apple Watch will only see minor tweaks. Samsung also introduces brand-new smart phones, tablets, and watches.

The Apple Vision Pro handset depends on applications, but don’t expect app developers to swarm to it, Power On reported last week.

Designers at Apple Inc. have long fantasized about creating an iPhone that is genuinely all-screen, devoid of display borders and camera or sensor cutouts. Apple will advance towards that objective with the release of the iPhone 15 this autumn.


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