Explosions during Airstrike || فضائی حملے کے دوران دھماکے

A day after launching its largest-ever drone assault on the Ukrainian capital, Russia launched an overnight missile attack.

Explosions during Airstrike || فضائی حملے کے دوران دھماکے

Explosions during Airstrike || فضائی حملے کے دوران دھماکے According to officials, there have been several explosions in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This is the 15th airstrike on the city by Russia this month and the second overnight attack in a row.

In the early hours of Monday, Mayor Vitali Klitschko posted on the Telegram chat channel, “A missile shot down near Kyiv.” “Air defence is active!”


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Explosions during Airstrike

He continued by saying that explosions were reported in a number of city neighborhoods, including the historic enclave of Poldi in Kyiv, where falling debris damaged a home’s roof. There were no injuries in the nocturnal attacks, according to the mayor and the city’s military administration’s preliminary reports.

Explosions during Airstrike || فضائی حملے کے دوران دھماکے The attack on Monday, which seemed to be a combination of missiles and drones, comes after Kyiv was subjected to the greatest drone onslaught the previous night, which resulted in one death and numerous injuries. 40 drones were reportedly shot down by the city’s air defenses early on Sunday morning in and around the capital, according to officials.

According to the Kyiv Independent news website, the vast majority of the drones were Iranian-made Shaheed loitering weapons. Volodymyr Belinsky, the president of Ukraine, commended the nation’s air defense forces for defending it and requested that sanctions be placed against Iran for supplying Russia with weapons, particularly the Shaheed drones.

Russian assaults on Ukraine now occur on many occasions each week. The extent of Monday’s strike is not yet fully understood. When the city and the rest of Ukraine were on air raid alert in the early hours of Monday, the Reuters news agency heard several thunderous explosions.

Moscow has stepped up its attacks, focusing on military facilities and supplies, as a long-promised Ukrainian counteroffensive to reclaim land gained by Russia since it started its full-scale invasion 15 months ago approaches.

Despite the fact that Ukraine hardly ever openly claims responsibility for assaults inside Russia, Moscow has blamed Kiev for a string of raids inside the nation that attacked military, energy, and transportation facilities.




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