Feit electric smart bulbs

Feit electric smart bulbs

electric bulb With the introduction of IntelliBulb LED lighting solutions, Feit electric bulb, a leading global lighting manufacturer and pioneer in energy-efficient lighting, today announced the expansion of the company’s lighting product line to offer even more customized lighting solutions to meet each individual’s unique interests and needs. The IntelliBulb LED lighting solutions from Feit Electric provide sophisticated, problem-solving energy-efficient bulbs that enable end users to create illumination that is tailored to their needs. Consumers can save money over time and receive value at the time of purchase with these energy-saving improvements. There is no need for any specialized hardware, mobile applications, dimmer, or switches when using the IntelliBulb system. Since the bulb itself contains all the necessary intelligence, users can easily identify a workable solution to a given issue or requirement. The use of IntelliBulb bulbs All the advantages of a smarter home are available without the bother when controlled in simple ways like motion or an existing light switch. The IntelliBulb solution is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and enables improved customization along with all the benefits of LED technology. In order to increase cost savings while providing consumers additional options, Feit Electric will launch five new IntelliBulb solutions in the market in the summer of 2017.

Feit electric smart bulbs

Dusk to Dawn: The bulb is automatically turned on at night and off during the day by an integrated light sensor. Perfect for outdoor light fixtures or any site you want to maintain well-lit at night without having to worry about anything.

 Motion Activated:  Motion-activated, hands-free lightbulbs that can be triggered up to 19 feet away. While detecting motion, its 180-degree sensor is unaffected by the wind or the surrounding surroundings. Enables any outdoor lighting to be transformed into a security light when used outdoors.

Switch to Dim: Light bulbs with three levels of dimming allow you to change the brightness without incurring additional costs or having to deal with complicated installation.

Color Choice: Warm white, cold white, or daylight color temperatures are all available in one bulb, which may be switched on or off using a conventional wall switch.

Battery Backup: Up to three hours of dependable emergency battery backup lighting will calm tense circumstances down. Your light doesn’t lose power if the electricity goes out. It is ready whenever a need arises, rechargeable, and fits a regular light bulb fixture.

About Feit Electric

A leader in the industry and a pioneer of energy-efficient lighting is Feit electric bulb. As a family-owned company since 1978, Feit has accepted developments in the lighting sector, becoming a pioneer in introducing LED and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) technology to consumers. Feit provides its customers with a full range of dependable lighting solutions through innovative design, supply chain expertise, and market-leading technology. These solutions include home d├ęcor lighting collections, light fixtures, smart and feature-rich high-performance lighting solutions, as well as a full line of standard household and specialty light bulbs in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Feit Electric Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are ones that you can operate from a distance or with voice commands. You can freely control them whenever you want thanks to their connection to the WiFi or Bluetooth in your house.

Feit Electric Smart Light Bulbs

Smart lights come with a number of functions that you can use conveniently from your smart phone, wristwatch, or voice assistant.

Smart Light Bulb Features

You can accomplish a lot of things with smart bulbs. Even without a built-in dimmer switch, you can use smart bulbs to turn lights on and off, set schedules, and lower the lights.

Customizable lighting is another feature that enables you to alter the brightness of the light or modify its color and temperature to produce the ideal mood. From bright color to soothing electric bulb.

white, switch. Go from warm white to amber for a more subdued appearance, or choose the coolness of blue illumination or cool daylight. To simulate natural sunshine, you may even automate your bulbs to gradually change color throughout the day.

Similar to conventional light bulbs, smart bulbs come in a range of wattages, including the common 60 watt.is prevalent in households. We have wattages ranging from 40W to 100W to meet all of your lighting needs.

LED lights have a longer lifespan and can last up to 15 times longer than incandescent lamps. Additionally, they utilize less energy and less heat than incandescent bulbs, which lowers your energy costs while maintaining the same level of light quality. There are many different smart LED light bulbs available from us.

No matter what kind of smart bulb you’re looking for, Lowe’s has a variety of options that can improve your life’s convenience and safety. Select items are currently available for purchase in-store, or you can opt for curbside pickup on qualifying items.

Shop in-store, place an online order for in-store pickup, or select quick curbside pickup on qualifying items. Whether you want a single smart bulb or a set of several, With solutions to suit your lighting requirements, Lowes.




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