Flutter wave scandal

Flutter wave scandal flutter wave

The Flutter wave Scandal is one of many scandals that have recently made headlines and heated discussions in the financial industry. We’ll cover all you need to know about the Flutter wave Scandal in this extensive guide, from its causes to its effects. Come along with us as we explore the reality behind this financial scandal.

The tech scene in Africa previously adored Flutter wave. After receiving more than $200 million from prestigious Silicon Valley investors, the Nigerian finance business rapidly expanded internationally. By early 2022, Flutter wave, which offered payment solutions to tens of thousands of enterprises, was valued at $3 billion. However, behind the scenes, the Flutter wave Scandal, a set of alarming allegations, was brewing.

Flutter wave scandal

When Clara Wanjiku Odero, the former head of implementation for Flutter wave in Kenya, released an explosive narrative on Medium in April 2022, the case was blown open. She talked about how CEO GB Agboola had bullied her and how she had to battle for compensation after quitting the company. Her account sparked a flurry of grievances from former workers.

This article carefully discusses Flutter wave’s rapid growth and significant issues. We’ll look at the company’s remarkable expansion, the toxic work environment that developed, and the financial wrongdoing that ultimately caused it to fall apart.

Flutter wave’s Rise and Recent Success

Three founders, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Olugbenga Angola, and Adel eke Atemoya, founded Flutter wave in 2016. Their objective was to make it simpler for African firms to accept internet payments, particularly from clients abroad. It was still challenging for African businesses to achieve this at the time.

Before starting Flutter wave, the founders had a lot of experience working at large banks and other startups. Due to this, they were able to secure early financing from well-known firms like Mastercard and Visa. Then, Flutter wave might swiftly spread outside of Nigeria to other nations in Africa.

Flutter wave scandal

A product named Store, developed by Flutter wave, was made available to small businesses in 2018. It aided numerous African business owners in selling to customers worldwide. For their payment processing in Africa, Flutterwave teamed up with well-known companies like Uber and Facebook.

what is flutterwave scandalflutterwave

A controversy involving Flutterwave, a well-known Nigerian fintech business, recently sent shockwaves through the banking sector. The company’s reputation has suffered significantly as a result of this incident, but it has also prompted alarm among customers and other stakeholders. We hope to present a thorough analysis of the Flutterwave incident in this essay, outlining its causes, ramifications, and potential solutions.

flutterwave scandalflutterwave

Flutterwave raised a sizable sum from well-known US investors in 2021, increasing its value to above $1 billion. For a Nigerian startup, it was a huge success. It demonstrated that computer companies might be successfully founded by Nigerians.

Because the founders knew many investors personally and could persuade them to contribute, Flutterwave expanded quickly. The business became Nigeria’s biggest tech industry success story.

It demonstrated how African payment issues could be resolved by fintech businesses in Nigeria. Many young businesspeople were encouraged by Flutterwave’s expansion. It was the best illustration of Nigeria’s rapidly expanding startup environment.

Cracks Emerge in Flutter wave’s Foundation

Bringing in his brother-in-law Ifeoluwa Orioke to serve as CFO in 2018 was CEO Gbenga Agboola. At this point, the situation at Flutterwave began to deteriorate. According to reports, Orioke yells at and bullies his coworkers. Additionally, there were suspicions that Orioke was engaging in improper connections with subordinate employees.

Flutter wave

Orioke continued his employment even after Agboola received complaints. Agboola was unlikely to punish the brother of his own wife. Orioke’s terrible behavior seems to be tolerated in order to avoid family problems.

In 2019, Orioke’s behavior nearly prevented Flutterwave from obtaining Series B funding. Allegations of sexual harassment at the business were tweeted through the “Eko Minaj” Twitter account. Visa, the investment round’s principal investor, withdrew as a result. It took Flutterwave a year to receive its Series B funding.

Visa did return for the round ultimately, but the danger signs were obvious. The underlying issues in their culture were not resolved by Flutterwave.

Financial Impropriety and Negligence

In addition to having a bad work environment, Flutterwave also mishandled its finances and business operations.

The old CEO of Flutterwave, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, was detained by Nigerian authorities in 2019 because the company’s paperwork was so disorganized. After he left, the corporation ought to have revoked his authority as an officer.

Because Flutterwave continued to designate Clara Odero as their contact after she left, Kenyan police opened an investigation into her that same year. Due to Flutterwave’s negligence, Odero experienced significant stress and had her reputation forever damaged.

Additionally, Flutterwave handled employee stock options improperly. When trying to pay out their shares, workers apparently received less money than expected. Additionally, the business engaged in dubious tactics that aided CEO Agboola in repurchasing shares.

Employees were instructed by Flutterwave to sell their shares to Agboola’s investment firm Berrywood Capital. Allegedly, Berrywood paid far less than fair market value. Employees should have been made aware of this self-dealing.

The Unicorn Crumbles

By April 2022, Flutterwave’s situation was dreadful. Former employees felt empowered to expose the wrongdoings of the organization.

Anger on social media was generated by Clara Odero’s widely read Medium essay. Tech news websites like Tech Cabal and Rest of World published exposes based on interviews with former employees.

These allegations bode doom for the future of Flutterwave. Leading investors were under pressure to address the controversy. Current employees are now demoralized and anxious about the business.

In the meantime, Flutterwave frantically sought out more funding to maintain its billion-dollar value. But as Flutterwave’s reputation was seriously damaged, prospective investors started to exercise caution.

It’s uncertain whether Flutterwave will be able to move past these devastating disclosures. However, the previous unicorn has currently sunk considerably from its lofty perch. The toxic culture and poor management, according to Flutterwave, can destroy even the most promising African firm.


The Flutter wave Scandal acts as a warning in the finance industry. It emphasizes how crucial compliance with rules, openness, and responsibility are for businesses functioning in this industry. The industry’s future will be shaped by the lessons learnt from this controversy as it continues to develop.

FAQs about Flutter wave Scandal

What was the Flutter wave scandal about?

The Flutterwave affair includes claims of sexual harassment, bullying, and unethical financial practices at the unicorn fintech business in Nigeria. Speaking up about the terrible workplace environment and executive mismanagement, former employees.

When did the allegations against Flutter wave first emerge?

When former employee Clara Wanjiku Odero published an exposé on Medium in April 2022, the scandal became public. This led additional former employees to come forward and share upsetting tales about their employment at Flutterwave.

How did Flutterwave respond to the harassment and misconduct allegations?

The original response from Flutterwave was to refute the accusations and charge former employees with making up information. The business defended its culture and said any problems had been dealt with internally. Later, Flutterwave said it would look into the allegations but was adamant the media stories were untrue.






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