Google Pixel book 12in

Google Pixel book 12in

If you are unsure of what to look for while purchasing a laptop, the process can get quite difficult. Many people simply purchase laptops after inspecting them and how their displays appear. There are, however, a number of additional factors you should take into account. This is the reason I’ve chosen to write a review of the Google Pixel book 12in for you all.

Google Pixel book 12in

You have arrived at the appropriate location if you are interested in learning more about Chrome books or Google Pixel books, particularly if you are a student. Here, you can look up all the details about the Google Pixel book touch screen laptop and read about my experiences using it.

Google Pixel book 12in Specifications

1. Design

I thought that this laptop was smaller than other 12/13″ laptops due to its aspect ratio of 3:2. It actually made it easier for me to take it around despite how small and compact it is. This is also a result of its lightweight (1.1kg) construction.


Regarding its appearance, it has a gorgeous shiny style that is emphasized by the aluminum silver hue. This combination makes the Chrome book’s dimensions appear quite sleek and modern, which I find more appealing than having RGB lights all over the place.

2. Operating System

Chrome OS, which Google created exclusively for its Chrome book and Pixel book notebooks, is the operating system for the Google Pixel book 12in. Due to its security features, Chrome OS has been hailed as being far more safe than Windows laptops.

Its quick boot speeds, with the OS loaded in under 10 seconds at launch, made me delighted. Since Chrome OS supports a wide range of Google programs including Drive, Docs, Sheet, and more out of the box, I would strongly advise using it as a student. You can now view them without opening a browser.

Additionally, it includes native compatibility for running all Android applications because it is powered by Google’s Chrome OS. As a result, you are no longer required to download Blue Stacks in order to use these apps on your laptop.

3. Display

This laptop’s display, which has a 3:2 aspect ratio, is smaller than most of its Windows competitors. This can be attributable to its 12.3″ screen size, which is smaller than the larger 13″ or 15.6″ panels seen on most laptops. When compared to this laptop, the Acer Predator Helios 500 17 AMD appears enormous.


This laptop’s screen’s viewing angles, in my opinion, are adequate for a sub-$1,000 laptop. Each YouTube video I watched popped off in its shade, demonstrating how brilliant its colors are. However, the surface of the screen is rather bright, which makes finding anything on it more challenging in daylight. Its use of Corning Gorilla Glass is to blame for this.

The 12in touch screen of the Google Pixel book is also rather impressive. I discovered that the menus scrolled very quickly. In addition, I preferred using my fingers instead of a touchpad or a mouse to draw on Google Drawings because it felt more natural. Additionally, drawing with the Pixel book Pen feels fantastic.

Consequently, this is a wonderful choice if you want to use it for streaming Netflix, YouTube, and other content. But I’d rather utilize it as much as possible indoors throughout the day. The screen’s 400 nits of brightness are higher than those of the typical laptop.

4. Keyboard, Touchpad, Speakers, And Camera

The keyboards on the Google Pixel book 12″ are illuminated. There is no num pad on the right side of this laptop because it is smaller. Given their short travel distance and minimal accentuation force requirements, the keys are rather easy to push down. Additionally, typing is made simpler by the uniformly spaced out keys.

4. Keyboard, Touchpad, Speakers, And Camera

This laptop’s significantly sized touchpad makes it simpler to utilize it for various purposes. Additionally, I thought its responsiveness was enough because it correctly acknowledged every mouse movement I made.

At close ranges, the speakers on this touch screen laptop sound really good. They are not really unique, though, and I favored utilizing my Mono price 110010 the majority of the time.

5. Battery Life

The majority of laptops I’ve used have poor battery life, especially gaming laptops like the Asus ROG GL753 and the Dell Alien ware 15 R4. It isn’t as high as the 12in Mac book M7, though.

I was able to efficiently utilize this laptop for up to 10 hours when performing everyday work like utilizing Google Docs and Sheets. However, when I started watching Netflix and YouTube at 1080p settings, this time decreased to 8 hours.

The battery and its charger are also quite nice. A fairly typical laptop charging time of under 2.5 hours was used to charge the Google Pixel book 12in. This is due to its 45W battery charger and 41 Whir battery.

6. Connectivity

When it came to connectivity options and ports, this laptop didn’t impress me in any way. Only two USB 3.0 Type C ports on this laptop disappointed me. I was shocked to learn that it includes an SD card reader, though.

This laptop, in my opinion, could have benefited greatly from using more connectivity ports. The RJ45 Ethernet port is one of the most significant interfaces that is missing. I could therefore only access the internet via WiFi.

7. Performance

Depending on what you plan to use the Google Pixel book 12in for, its performance can vary significantly. This laptop is excellent if you plan to use it primarily for office tasks using Google Docs and Sheets. The same is true for students who will heavily rely on Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, and other tools.

I performed a variety of tasks on this laptop, the majority of which involved using certain Google tools. Google Meet was a shambles, though, as I had anticipated. This was mostly because to the subpar 720p camera. Although every light in my room was on, I still looked incredibly dark and hazy.

When it came to browsing, there were absolutely no lags or other issues. I watched a number of 4K YouTube videos, all of which had incredible detail reproduced on the screen. The same is true of Netflix movies, which have clear picture quality.

The seamless integration of Google Assistant into Chrome books and Pixel books is one feature I adore. This laptop picks up your voice and identifies it perfectly since it has four built-in microphones. As a result, I can easily ask Google to run some instructions for me by saying, “Ok, Google.” If this is widely implemented in upcoming computers, users may enjoy a more enjoyable and effective hands-free experience.


Q1. Is Google Pixelbopok Discontinued?

Ans: Google has formally halted all upcoming laptop releases under the Google Pixel book brand. Up until 2025, current Pixel book notebooks will continue to receive upgrades and support. To lower the cost of producing these computers, this was done.

Q2. Is Pixel book The Same As Chrome book?

Ans : The Google Pixel book and Chrome books are not the same, as you will see if you look at their specifications. In essence, Chrome books are budget computers designed particularly for children in schools. However, Pixel books are more powerful and slightly more expensive, designed particularly for office professionals and college students.

Q3. Do Google Pixel books come with a Pen?

Ans:  No, you must purchase the Pixel book Pen in addition to a Google Pixel book or Google Chrome book. The price of this pen, which can be purchased separately at the time of purchase, is $49.


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