iphone 15 ultra

iPhone 15 Ultra

Possibly not until next year will Apple release the first Ultra iPhone.

What then becomes of the iPhone 15 Ultra

Despite the fact that the iPhone 15 unveiling was brief, there was no mention of an iPhone 15 Ultra. Instead, the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its titanium construction and 5x periscope telephoto camera was the highlight of the Apple September event. Visit our Apple event 2023 live blog for a detailed overview of the announcements.

What then becomes of the iPhone 15 Ultra?

The 15 nomenclature will have to be dropped, and if such a phone does materialize, we can expect it no earlier than next year.
However, we have a summary of the information we have learned so far on the iPhone 15 Ultra, which may become the iPhone 16 Ultra in 2024.


The iPhone 15 Ultra was not mentioned at the September Apple event. That might imply that it won’t be here until 2024 or that the likelihood of such a rumours coming true is slim.

Get to the point

  • It is what? The biggest and strongest iPhone yet
  • When is it released? maybe in September 2024.
  • What will the price be? with the iPhone 15 Pro Max in addition

According to rumours, the iPhone 15 Ultra will be the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s supercharged counterpart, including a larger display, increased performance, and improved cameras.

But all of that would come at a premium price, which even the most ardent iPhone fan could find painful given that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is now more more costly than its predecessor in the US and Australia.

What is Iphone 15 ultra

Apple’s main smartphone for 2024 is anticipated to be the iPhone Ultra. According to the most recent rumors, this model—which belongs to the iPhone 16 series—will have more sophisticated features than the other models in the lineup, such as a larger display and faster technology.

There is room for an iPhone with a (relatively) large quantity of storage onboard since the rumours that the iPhone 15 Pro will be supplied with up to 2TB internal storage turned out to be false and the phone’s storage capacity tops out at 1TB.

It’s also possible that the so-called phone will include solid-state volume and power buttons because the iPhone 15 Pro Max was once rumoured to have them but ultimately did not.

As may 8K recording, which the top Android phones offer but Apple’s iPhones do not; even so, it can be argued that iPhones still provide superior video capture. Regarding cameras, one rumours claims that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a front-facing camera with two lenses.

The iPhone 15 Ultra could possibly have an M-series CPU, additional RAM, and potent tools for collecting “Spatial” content for usage with the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The Ultra designation could also indicate increased performance.

All things considered, however, we are no longer certain that the iPhone 15 will be released, at least not any time soon, as many of the features that were rumoured to be included in it have now been included in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. We’ll keep a look out for any further reports of an Ultra iPhone, though, as stranger things have certainly happened.




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