iPhone 6, 7

iPhone 6, 7 or iPhone SE series users || سیریز کے صارفین iPhone 6، 7 یا iPhone SE

Apple would compensate customers of the iPhone 6, 7, or SE series with Rs 5000 per individual for slowing down the handsets.

Users of the iPhone 6, 7, and iPhone SE may receive up to $65 in compensation from Apple for the slowing down of their devices. Users who failed to file complaints before October 6, 2020, are no longer entitled to compensation.

iPhone 6, 7

In short

  • Apple has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit brought against the firm by compensating users of the iPhone 6, 7, and SE series for purposefully slowing down their handsets.
  • Each impacted person might get about $65 (or about Rs 5000).
  • Users have to register with their serial number on a special website before October 6, 2020, to be eligible for compensation.

After reportedly slowing down the performance of some iPhone customers, Apple will now start to provide compensation. iPhone customers got into a fight with tech giant Apple five years ago, claiming that their iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE were being purposefully slowed down. While accusations were flying, the Cupertino-based business maintained its ground. They acknowledged that the gadgets needed to be slowed down but insisted that there was no malice intended. In an unexpected turn of events, Apple opted for a resolution in 2020 and consented to a sizeable payment of up to $500 million in order to avoid a potentially expensive judicial fight, according to Reuters.

A Silicon Valley story claims that a recent ruling has permitted Apple to begin compensating customers who were dissatisfied with their iPhones’ allegedly poor performance. Tyson Redenbarger, a lawyer who represents these iPhone users, estimates that each one might receive roughly $65, or about Rs 5000 in Indian currency. This may indicate that the problem is finally coming to a close, as stated on SiliconValley.com.
Apple acknowledged that they intentionally made older iPhones sluggish in 2016. But they said that they didn’t do so out of malice but rather to stop the phones from abruptly going off. The Verge reported on this. It sounded like Apple was explaining why they did it in a really fantastic speaker’s voice.

But not everyone was convinced by this justification. In 2018, a group of disgruntled iPhone owners banded together to file a class-action lawsuit against the powerful tech giant. A digitised roll call of the affected iPhones was available:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

There was a significant legal dispute involving Apple. At first, they insisted that they had done nothing wrong, but by 2020, they had changed their tune and desired to make amends. They consented to pay a sum of money ranging from $310 million to $500 million. The complainers may have first received $25 each. However, two iPhone owners rejected the first offer because they wanted more. They were informed last week that they wouldn’t receive any additional payments, so Apple may now begin compensating the disgruntled iPhone consumers.

Who is eligible for compensation?

You might be wondering if you’ll receive money as part of the settlement if you owned an iPhone 6, 7, or the original SE device. Unfortunately, you can’t obtain it now if you didn’t request it before October 6, 2020. If you missed that deadline, your opportunity to get compensation is now lost. In order to lodge complaints about the performance of your iPhone on a company-created website, you just had to register using your serial number.

A unique website was developed three years ago for people to declare their desire for money. For verification purposes, they had to enter the serial number of their iPhone. They had the option of receiving the funds as a check in the mail or in their bank account. This demonstrates how new methods, including the internet, are changing how people are paid.





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