15 Mechanical keyboards

1. Keychron K2 – Most Versatile

Mechanical keyboard for Mac with Gateron has a 75% layout and 84 hot-swappable keys that are Bluetooth wireless and USB wired.
A. The Keychron K2, a 75% layout, 84-key wireless mechanical keyboard with a white LED backlight that gives you all the keys and functionality you need while yet being portable. Then enable per-key customization…
C. The Keychron K2 features all the necessary multimedia and function keys and has a distinct Mac layout while yet being compatible with Windows. There are extra keycaps available for Mac and Windows PCs.
D. Uses the dependable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset to connect with up to three devices and makes switching between them for multitasking requirements simple. The K2 is ideal for usage at home, in the workplace, and for casual gaming.
⦁ Hot-swappable? Yes;
⦁ Wireless? Yes;
⦁ and Many Customization Options!
The Keychron K2 may not be the best mechanical keyboard in the world in any one category, but it strikes the ideal balance in EVERY category:
⦁ It is wireless (works with up to 3 devices and connects effortlessly),
⦁ hot-swappable,
⦁ and costs less than $100.
⦁ Plenty of switch options;
⦁ feels and sounds amazing; well-built;
⦁ excellent assistance from Keychron.
⦁ Good for Mac and Windows

2. Corsair K70 TKL – Best for Gaming

Mechanical keyboards Cherry MX SPEED Keyswitches are included on the CORSAIR K70 RGB TKL – CHAMPION SERIES Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
A. competition-grade keyboard with a portable and space-saving design is part of the CORSAIR CHAMPION SERIES, which was created for and tested by top esports pros.
B. With 8,000Hz hyper-polling, CORSAIR AXON hyper-processing technology transfers your inputs to your Computer up to 8 times quicker than traditional gaming keyboards.
C. Battle the opposition in style with a sturdy aluminium frame lit by fully programmable dynamic per-key RGB illumination that you can customise to match your team’s colours or your own preferences.
⦁ No hot-swappable,
⦁ yes backlighting,
⦁ no wireless,
⦁ no hot-swappable.
⦁ Amount: 80% TKL (meaning no number pad)

It has a variety of Cherry MX switch options, including MX Speed Silvers, and a 100% full-size version is also offered (with the number pad).

It’s a wonderfully balanced keyboard that looks, feels, and sounds amazing. It has media controls, a volume wheel, and excellent Corsair support.

Mechanical keyboards

3. Logitech G915

Mechanical keyboards Logitech G915 w/ Tactile Switches (various variations available) (different options available)
A. Worlds NO.1 Best Selling Wireless Gaming Gear Brand – Based on independent, combined sales statistics for Wireless Gaming Keyboards, Mice, and PC Headsets from the US, CA, CN, Japan, and other countries (FEB ’19 – FEB ’20)…
B. RGB lighting using LIGHTSYNC technology synchronises lights with any material.
C. Low Profile mechanical switches provide the performance, precision, and speed of a mechanical switch at a height that is half as great. A unique sound and tactile feedback may be found on the GL Clicky switch. comes in three dimensions, and the tenkeyless design gives the mouse more area to manoeuvre. To make the keyboard even more portable, keep the USB receiver there.
⦁ Height: 22 mm or less
⦁ Cost: Exorbitant! $150 to $250 for various models,
⦁ with TKL costing around $150.
⦁ Not hot-swappable.
⦁ Sure, there is backlighting.
⦁ Wireless? Yes.
A low-profile keyboard can be significantly more comfortable if you experience wrist discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

Although this list includes a few low-profile keyboards, the Logitech G915 is unquestionably the finest “luxury” mechanical keyboard for the majority of users.
It is barely 22mm tall as well.

It has low-profile switches AND keycaps, and Logitech’s “lightspeed” wireless technology is also utilised (which is faster than Bluetooth).

Mechanical keyboards Even though it’s expensive, it has a tonne of capabilities for business or gaming, and if you’re coming from a membrane keyboard, the low profile might be quite helpful.

4. KBD67 – Best DIY Custom Kit

⦁ ey provide both wired and wireless versions.
⦁ They provide variants that can be hot-swapped and soldered.
⦁ Different Options? Switches and keycaps are not included.
These DIY custom mechanical keyboard kits, as opposed to bare-bones kits, send you the majority of the materials you’ll need, and you put everything together yourself!
Switches and keycaps are not included in these kits either..
The KBD67 Lite is unquestionably my favourite mechanical keyboard on the market, EVEN for beginners, even though the world of custom mechanical keyboards might be covered in an other post (custom kits are VERY ornate, premium, and pricey).
Although it’s small and portable, the KBD67 65% keyboard still has dedicated arrow keys! No function row or number pad, though.
Mechanical keyboards The DIY instructions are simple enough, and for not much more money than a pre-built keyboard, you’ll have an incredible sound and feel!
Check out the KBD67 Lite kit on KBDfans by clicking here (they also provide kits for 60% and 75% keyboard sizes).

5. Epomaker Theory – Best Hot-Swappable

Mechanical gaming keyboard with MDA PBT, EPOMAKER Theory TH80 75% Hot Swappable RGB 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired…
A. 75% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 80 Keys
B. The TH80 keyboard is a versatile piece of equipment with built-in modularity for everything from connectivity to switches. A 75% arrangement provides…
C. Mechanical switches called “Hotswap Gateron Pro”
D. Every detail matters when it comes to the feel and functionality of your switches. We choose Gateron Pro for this particular model.
E. Three connectivity options: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, and Type-C cable
F. This keyboard is equipped with a Large Capacity battery and supports both wireless and wired connections. If you choose wireless, either…
⦁ Yes, it is wireless.
⦁ Is it hot-swappable? Yes,
⦁ Change Options? Gateron Pro, yes!
A hot-swappable keyboard is ESSENTIAL if you want to experiment with different switches.
(Pro Tip: To remove the solder from the switches on a non-hot-swappable keyboard, use a soldering iron. With a hot-swap keyboard, you can easily push the switches in from the top and pull them out again.
The Epomaker idea is hot-swappable and also…
⦁ is Wireless provides good Gateron Pro switch choices (through a 2.4 GHz dongle, albeit I prefer Bluetooth).
⦁ has a rotating volume knob!
⦁ Looks great!
The only major drawback is that these are rather hard to locate, even if the notion is another 65% layout!

6. Tecware Phantom 87

Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED, by TECWARE (Outemu Brown)
A. With the mechanical keyboard’s 18 pre-set settings, you may improve your gaming experience. Or, you can design a custom configuration to go with your setup.
B. OUTEMU SWITCHES – The gaming mechanical keyboard contains Outemu mechanical switches for precise gaming and enjoyable typing. Keycap and switch remover tools, as well as spare switches, are offered for simple…
C. PCB FOR GLASS – This Tecware mechanical keyboard is designed with SMD LEDs and a FR-4 fibreglass printed circuit board to survive lengthy durations of intense and demanding gaming sessions.
⦁ No hot-swappable wireless?
⦁ Sure, but only with additional Outemu switches.
⦁ Budget Outemu switches are available as switch options (red linear or clicky blue)
There are two sizes available for the Tecware Phantom:

⦁ size of 87 – 80% TKL
⦁ 100% full-size, at 104

7. Ducky One 3 Daybreak

Keyboard for Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak (Cherry MX Black)
A. Including Ducky’s brand-new the QUACK Mechanics design ethos
B. Exclusive Kailh yellow hotswap sockets on a dual-layer hot-swap PCB.
C. One 3 case with a low profile and a variety of unique colour choices
⦁ Hot-swappable?
⦁ No Wireless?
⦁ Yes Switch Options?
Authentic Cherry MX Ducky is one of the most well-known pre-built keyboard brands in the mechanical keyboard community and has been around for a long.

But Ducky eventually unveiled their new “3” series in 2022, complete with a hot-swap PCB and better sound-dampening foam! The Ducky One 2 before it couldn’t be hot-swapped.

The full-size yellow Ducky One 3 is fantastic, and I have one. of the top pre-built keyboards available today.

8. Anne Pro 2

Gateron Brown Switch/Black Case) Mechanical Keyboard, Anne Pro 2, 60% Wired/Wireless, Full Keys Programmable
A. Making more with less through minimalist design. minimal hand movement is necessary while yet having access to all the capabilities.
B. Portable and small. It takes up less room on a desk and is portable. Easily fits in a rucksack. Ideal for use at home, at work, and on the road.
C. Up to 4 devices may be connected wirelessly and switched between with good bluetooth connections.
⦁ Hot-swappable?
⦁ Yes, wireless?
⦁ No, switch options?
⦁ Options for Gateron and Kailh
In all honesty, the Anne Pro 2 small keyboard is excellent, however the Ducky One 3 could sound (and feel) better.
It’s wifi, too!
It’s one of the few pre-built keyboards that provides several Kailh Box switch choices, and you can get it in a white or black chassis. Switches made by Kailh are incredible.
Keep in mind that 60% of keyboards lack a function row, dedicated arrow keys, and home cluster keys (such as delete, end, and home). There may be a learning curve because certain keys can only be accessed by function shortcuts.
Overall, the Anne Pro 2 keyboard is simple to use. It’s wireless, compact, and surprisingly comfortable for the price.

9. Keychron K7 – Best for Travel

Ultra-Slim Hot-Swappable Wireless Bluetooth/Wired USB Mechanical Keyboard with 65% Layout by Keychron K7, Low-Profile…
A. With its 65% layout and 68 keys, the Keychron K7 is a small, 68-key hot-swappable, ultra-slim, white LED backlit wireless mechanical keyboard designed to increase your productivity and desktop space.
B. With a 40% thinner profile than traditional switches and a shorter pre-travel and total trip distance, the new low-profile keychron optical switch activates input and feedback more quickly than…
C. The K7’s low-profile optical switches can all be quickly hot-swapped without the need for soldering, allowing you to tailor your typing experience. (*This keyboard is NOT compatible with any standard MX type mechanical
⦁ Dimensions: 22 mm (only 17mm at the bottom row of keys)
⦁ Price: from $70 and $90, depending on if you want the hot-swappable version.
⦁ Hot-swappable? Sure, but only with low-profile switches;
⦁ MX-style switches cannot be installed there.
There is backlighting.
Yes, wireless with quick 5.0 Blue Tooth.
You will see more MORE Keychron keyboards in this page, I assure you!
My preferred keyboard for travel these days is the K7: It has a 60% layout that is both small and low-profile.

10. Kinesis Freestyle Edge – Best Ergonomic

Kinesis Freestyle Edge
Kinesis Freestyle Edge

Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical USB Keyboard from KineSIS Gaming (MX Brown)
A. CREATE ERGONOMIC SPLIT FOR TYPING AND GAMING: Bring your mouse near for more endurance and more accurate aim. Slide the right module out of the way (eSports proven). Turn the left module around.
B. FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, 100% MECHANICAL SWITCHES: Authentic Cherry MX Brown speed mechanical switches (low-force, tactile feel) provide unparalleled longevity (50M) and professional-grade response.
C. RGB IMMERSIVE LIGHTING FOR A UNIQUE LOOK 16.8M colour per key RGB backlighting with 10 programmable effects, including wave, spectrum, rebound, pulse, and rain. Install the first expansion pack for lighting.
⦁ No switch options?
⦁ Hot-swappable?
⦁ Wireless? The Cherry MX choices
The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a “split keyboard,” which means it’s split into two halves to provide Full freedom over placing each hand! Ergonomic keyboards lessen typing strain by putting the keys in the direction that your hands naturally rest.
The Edge has common features like RGB, programmable keys, and so forth, as well as a few different switch choices (Cherry MX).

11. Durgod Taurus – Best for Typing

Durgod Tauru
Durgod Tauru

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 87 Keys, Durgod Taurus K320 TKL, Double Shot Space Grey and Cherry Blue PBT
A. Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches offer quick, accurate response and excellent tactile feedback.
B. Provide you the option to assign a macro or rebind control. Gamers can get an advantage by using USB Nkey rollover. The task is made more convenient by several features, such as onekey text input.
C. Elegant and difficult to wear are PBT double-shot seamless keycaps. Keycaps and shell are made to compliment one another by using the right colour combinations.
⦁ Lack of hot-swappability? No
⦁ Wireless? No
⦁ There are many customization options, including colour! Yes
In all honesty, the keyboard is less important to typing than switch configurations and keyboard ergonomics.
Options for Cherry MX switches, PBT double-shot keycaps (which often last longer than ABS plastic keycaps), and even a few colour options are included.

It DOES NOT contain a tonne of gaming features or a “gaming design,” but rather concentrates on providing users with a relaxing, accurate, and enjoyable typing experience.

Personally, I also enjoy the simple design.

12. Das Keyboard 4 Professional – Best for Office

 Keyboard 4 Professional
Keyboard 4 Professional

The thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world is the Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Switches and a 2-Port USB 3.0 Hub.
A. The interaction of the psychoacoustic experience, the tactile feel, and the exquisite craftsmanship together give an…
C. Your new mechanical keyboard will last up to 50 million keystrokes thanks to laser-etched keycaps for ultimate durability and Cherry MX Brown switches.
⦁ No hot-swappable wireless?
⦁ Many Customization Options:
Speaking of minimalist design that enhances the typing experience, the Das Keyboard 4 does it too!

Mechanical keyboards The Das Keyboard 4 is more pricey, but it comes with a tonne of extra-luxurious features, such as USB pass-through connections on the keyboard, an aluminium top, a volume knob, media controls, and more. Also, it looks sleek and polished enough to blend in with any business setting. Also, you may get the version without RGB to save some money (and they also sell a version with Mac keycaps, and even blank keycaps).

13. Corsair K100 – Best for Programming

Corsair K100
Corsair K100

Mechanical keyboards Gaming keyboard Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical with Corsair OPX RGB Optical-Mechanical Keyswitches and AXON…
A. The CORSAIR K100 RGB is the pinnacle of CORSAIR keyboards, providing gamers with the state-of-the-art performance, style, durability, and customization they require to excel.
B. Cable for the keyboard…
C. Being the focal point of your gaming setup, the CORSAIR K100 RGB has a sophisticated design supported by a sturdy aluminium frame, vibrant RGB illumination for each key, and a 44-zone three-sided LightEdge.
D. With native 4,000Hz hyper-polling and up to 4x quicker throughput thanks to CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, the most cutting-edge gaming keyboard from CORSAIR is made possible.
⦁ No hot-swappable? Wireless?
⦁ Lack of Customization Options:
I don’t believe there is a simple “this is THE keyboard for devs” because I only work as a developer part-time.

Having said that, developers often find that many game characteristics remain!

⦁ customizable keys
⦁ Hyper-processing technique developed by AXON (simply quicker)
⦁ convenient ergonomics (the Corsair K95 and K100 comes with a detachable wrist rest)
⦁ Volume control, RGB, media buttons, etc. Multi-function knob
Cherry MX switches OR optical switches are available with the K100 (which are slightly faster, though the difference is tiny).

Mechanical keyboards The scroll wheel, too! With Corsair’s software, iCue, you can modify this to manage RGB, media jogging, and even more.

The K95 is also produced by Corsair, however it is more expensive and missing some of the finer features.

14. Epomaker Sk61 – Best Optical Switches

Epomaker Sk61
Epomaker Sk61

Mechanical keyboards Keys: 60% hot-swappable, programmable Skylong Sk61 Gaming wired keyboard with RGB illumination and Gateron optical switch.
A. To provide the greatest experience possible, the SK61 makes use of the well-known Gateron optical switches, which are also hot swappable for this keyboard.
B. Three-layered programming and NKRO have been used for the hotswap feature. Several more keyboard key functions may be customised using the driver, macro recording, and creating your own function, in addition to the three levels of programmable mode, FN1/FN2/FN3.
C. thermal evaporation PBT Keycaps on the mainboard’s keys are water-resistant. We think even seemingly insignificant things may have a big impact on a brand. Because PBT has been shown to be durable and strong, we took care to choose it for keycaps.
⦁ Price: $50 Wireless?
⦁ No Hot-swappable?
⦁ Yes Customization Options:
⦁ Many switch and colour choices
Speaking of optical switches, the inexpensive, 60%-sized Epomaker SK61 keyboard has a wide variety of Gateron optical switch alternatives.
The SK61 also offers a wide variety of case colour options, which is uncommon at prices under $50!

Gateron optical switches are inexpensive, yet the SK61 still has excellent sound and sensation.

15 .The Wooting Two HE – Next Level Analog


$200 Price Wireless?
⦁ No Hot-swappable?
⦁ Absolutely, there are several switch possibilities and colour options.
What if you could regulate the degree of resistance you encounter on each key? Switches should be lighter for gaming and heavier for business or typing. With the Wooting Two analogue keyboard, you can accomplish that.

Really, this keyboard is awesome (though very expensive).

It isn’t a mechanical keyboard, technically. While they APPEAR like mechanical switches, the switches have a distinct purpose. Instead of using a mechanical switch with a “on-off” scale of 0 to 1, the keyboard can really detect how deeply the switch has been depressed (like a 0-100 scale).

You may therefore regulate the working force, which ranges from 0.1 to 4.0mm.





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