NEW APPLE DEVICE Adding an Apple Care+ plan could be the next thing on your list if you recently purchased a new Mac Book Pro 14 M2 or Air Pods Pro 2. But ought to you buy it? The company’s internal warranty programmed comes with a long list of advantages and isn’t afraid to tell you that dropping your brand-new phone unintentionally might lead to its speedy end.

However, it is not affordable. More than one-fourth of the MSRP of a phone iPods or Mac can be spent on Apple Care+. After spending hundreds on a new Apple phone that’s a lot of money to spend. It might only be worthwhile in certain circumstances which we discuss below.

What is Apple Care

At its essence, Apple Care+ is an insurance policy. It offers 90 days of technical support that come with every Apple product, as well as coverage for fixes that fall outside the one-year limited warranty’s purview. NEW APPLE DEVICE All new Apple products, including those purchased from independent sellers, are eligible for Apple Care+. Apple Certified Refurbished devices can also use it.

How does Apple Care+ work

Two Apple Care+ plans are available for the majority of Apple devices. You have the option of making one payment for a two-year plan or regular payments. A little differently is NEW APPLE DEVICE care + for Mac and Apple Display: a single payment provides three years of coverage, or you can pay annually. There isn’t a monthly schedule.

Living close to an Apple shop is best for Apple Care+. In most cases, you can bring your Smartphone to the store to have it sent in for service. If the device is bricked and the store has replacements in stock, you’ll likely leave with one. Of course, phone assistance is included. In North America, Apple offers phone assistance from 8 AM to 11 PM (EST); during these hours, chat support is offered. However, what distinguishes Apple from the extended warranties most rivals offer is its in-store service.

When you purchase a device, Apple will prompt you to purchase Apple Care+, but you are not obligated to do so right away. Customers can purchase Apple Care+ for up to 60 days following device purchase.

What does Apple Care cover

NEW APPLE DEVICE Care plans vary a bit depending on the device but, in general, they cover repairs beyond that one-year warranty period. This includes product defects and accidental damage. Coverage of accidental damage often includes a deductible, and it can get pretty steep. The deductible for a phone screen repair is just $29, but repair of accidental damage to a Mac’s internal hardware has a $299 deductible. Apple sets a limit of two accidental coverage claims per year for most plans.

The phone offers an optional theft and loss protection upgrade, in which you will be reimbursed if your device is stolen or lost. This plan requires you to keep Find My phone enabled and includes a $149 deductible

How much does Apple Care cost

Depending on the device and your location, Apple Care+ costs significantly differ. The price of Apple Care+ in the US ranges from $29 for the Apple Air Pods to $499 for a high-end Mac Pro.

Apple Care+ pricing for I Phone

For $199 (or $9.99) a month (or $269 (or $13.49 a month) with theft and loss insurance), you can have the phone 14 Pro and phone 14 Pro Max.

For a phone 14 Plus, the price is $179, or $8.99 a month ($249, or $12, 49 per month with theft and loss protection).

Phone 14 costs $149 (or $7.99 per month), phone 13, phone 13 mini, and phone 12 cost $219 (or $11.49 per month with theft and loss protection), and so on.

Phone SE: $79 or $3.99 per month (with theft and loss protection, this increases to $149 or $7.49 per month).

Apple Care+ pricing for iPods

  • 11-inch iPods Pro costs $129 or $5.99 each month.
  • $149 or $7.99 a month for the iPods Pro 12.9-inch
  • 5th generation iPad Air costs $79 or $3.99 per month.
  • $69 or $3.49 per month for an iPad or iPad mini

Apple Care+ pricing for Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Ultra costs $99 or $4.99 monthly.
  • Series 8 Apple Watch costs $79 or $3.99 per month.
  • Apple Watch SE costs $49 or $2.49 monthly.
  • $3.99 per month or $149 (for three years) for the Apple Watch Hermès

Is Apple Care worth it

No. Like other extended warranty agreements, Apple Care+ isn’t worth the money for the majority of users. Apple Care+ functions as an insurance policy. It follows that the ordinary customer will pay more than they’d ever use because insurance only generates profit when the corporation pays out fewer claims than it does in premiums. This makes sense if the item you’re insuring is so expensive that the average owner would not be able to replace the loss, such as in the case of a home or car. But a Mac or an phone usually don’t fit this description.

Consider an phone 13 with a damaged display. For the phone 13’s out-of-warranty screen repair, Apple costs $279. Other models will cost a little more or less. For the phone 13, Apple Care+ costs $149 plus a $178 total plus a $29 deductible for screen repair. If you break the screen within the first two years of ownership, Apple Care+ will save you $101. However, if you don’t crack your screen, you’ve only paid $149 for “peace of mind.”

Apple’s top-notch customer support detracts even more from Apple Care+. Out-of-warranty repair services from Apple are accessible and reasonably priced. Paying $279 to fix the screen on a brand-new phone would be awful, but the price isn’t absurdly excessive.

Apple Care: Good plan, bad value

The greatest extended warranty program currently offered is Apple Care+. Excellent customer service, cost-effective contracts, and a wide range of coverage are all strengths of Apple. For most individuals, it’s still a poor value and not worth the cost.

Although it is possible to drop your phone and fracture the screen, the likelihood that you will not is higher and you may lower this likelihood by using a good phone case. Accepting some risk is preferable to paying for the Apple Care plan out of pocket.


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