Picnob: Instagram Viewer and Downloader

With more than a billion active members, Instagram is a widely used social media network. With Instagram, you can share images and videos as well as use the platform to advertise your company online.


However, users find it challenging to download and view photos and videos from Instagram due to the app’s restrictive regulations.

With the use of an internet tool called picnob, you may quickly see and save images and videos from Instagram. You may quickly browse through Instagram profiles using Picnob, look up usernames or hashtags, and download any picture or video you desire.

What is Picnob?

Picnob is a free online tool that lets users explore and download Instagram photos and videos.

How does Picnob work?

Picnobs is a web application that retrieves data and media from Instagram through the use of the Instagram API. Just go to the website and type in the username or hashtag you wish to look up to use Picnobs. After that, the app will show every picture and video associated with the search term.

You may download any image or video from Instagram to your device using Picnobs. To download media in its original resolution using Picnob IG reader, just click the download button next to the desired file.

Why use Picnob for Instagram?

The following are some advantages of using Picnobs as an Instagram viewer and downloader:

Easy to Use: Even for non-techies, Picnobs is remarkably user-friendly. Enter your search term once, and the program will take care of the rest.

Comprehensive: Picnobs offers an all-inclusive perspective on Instagram, enabling you to peruse profiles, look for hashtags, and see photos and videos from personal accounts.

fast: Picnob can display search results in a matter of seconds and operates at lightning speed. This implies that you won’t have to waste time hunting for the media you need.

Download Media: You can save any image or video to your device with Picnobs built-in downloader. This is especially useful if you wish to store media from Instagram stories or private accounts.

No Registration Needed: Picnobs doesn’t ask you to register or give any personal information, in contrast to other Instagram watchers and downloaders. This implies that there are no limitations and you can use the software anonymously.

Picnob vs. Other Instagram Viewers and Downloaders

On the internet, there are a lot of Instagram viewers and downloaders. But they’re not all made equally, either.

This is how Picnob stacks up against other comparable tools:

Instagram App: Downloading media from the official Instagram app is not possible. Videos and photos can be viewed, but they cannot be saved to your device.

Third-party Downloaders: Although there are a lot of third party downloaders on the internet, a lot of them are shaky and might include viruses. There is no need to download any software or apps in order to use Picnob, which is a trustworthy and safe tool.

Other Instagram Viewers: Although you might be able to view photos and videos on other Instagram viewers, their perspective of Instagram might not be all-encompassing. You can look through profiles, look up hashtags, and see pictures and videos from private accounts on Picnob.

FAQs about Picnob Instagram Viewer

Is Picnob free to use?

Yes, using Picnob is totally free. Neither subscriptions nor any other expenses are required.

Does Picnob work on mobile devices?

In fact, Picnobs is an app that can be used on any device that can access the internet. This also applies to cellphones and tablets.

Can I download media from private accounts using Picnob?

You may download media from private accounts using Picnobs, yes. To accomplish this, though, you must be signed into your Instagram account.

Is Picnob safe to use?

Yes, using Picnobs is safe and secure. You are not required to download any apps or software, and no personal data is gathered.

Does Picnob violate Instagram’s terms of service?

The terms of service on Instagram are not broken by Picnobs. With Instagram’s permission, it extracts media and information from the app using its API.


With the excellent program Picnobs: Instagram Viewer and Downloader, you may fully utilize Instagram. You may quickly browse through profiles, look for hashtags, and download any image or video you’d want using Picnobs.

It’s quick, simple to use, and totally free. Picnobs is an essential tool for anyone looking to maximize their usage of Instagram, regardless of whether they are a social media marketer or an enthusiastic user of the platform.

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