Shahzad Dawood and Suleman and Hamish Harding || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان اور ہمیش ہارڈنگ

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman and Hamish Harding || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان اور ہمیش ہارڈنگ

The US Coast Guard has determined that all five people aboard the Titan submarine that has gone missing are dead.

Officials claim that the wreckage of the Titanic contained fragments of the ship.
On Thursday, Rear Admiral John Mauger said the debris was consistent with the “catastrophic implosion of the vessel”.
A father and son, a French diver, a wealthy adventurer from Britain, the CEO of the submersible company, and a diver from France were all on board.
The “incredibly unforgiving environment” of the water made it impossible for Mr. Mauger to say with certainty whether or not their remains would be discovered.
The following information is known about them.

Rush, Stockton, 61

Shahzad Dawood, Suleman, and Hamish Harding: Who was on the Titanic submarine?

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان The Titanic cruise operator, Ocean Gate, confirmed that Stockton Rush was on board. He held the position of CEO for the business.
He was a skilled engineer who had previously worked on various small submersible vessels and designed an experimental aero plane.

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان Mr. Rush established the business in 2009, giving clients the ability to experience deep water travel. When the firm began offering trips to the Titanic wreckage in 2021, it garnered international attention.
His business allows customers to pay $250,000 (£195,600) to obtain a close-up view of the famed ship’s wreckage.
Participants embark the Titan, a truck-sized submersible, and make an eight-hour dive to the Titanic after sailing 370 miles (595 km) on a larger ship to the area above the disaster site.

In 2022, he defended the business strategy in an interview with the New York Times, claiming that the ticket price was “a fraction of the cost of going to space “IN Additionally, “it was very expensive for us to get these ships and go out there.”
Mr. Rush participates in every Ocean Gate dive, according to a 2017 article published on the website of Princeton University, where he studied.

Isidor and Ida Straus, who perished in the Titanic wreck after allowing women and children to escape before them, had a great-great-granddaughter named Wendy Rush who was the wife of Mr. Rush.
In a different Ocean Gate submersible, Mr. Rush went on a Titanic dive with The Simpsons writer and producer Mike Reiss. The CEO was described as a “magnetic man” and as “the last of the American dreamers” by the speaker, according to the New York Times.

(58) Hamish Harding

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان

The British explorer accomplished numerous exploratory achievements while operating Action Aviation, a private jet dealership in Dubai.
He made many excursions to the South Pole, including one with former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and in 2022, he flew into space on Blue Origin’s fifth human-crewed mission.
He has three Guinness World Records, one of which he set by diving to the Mariana Trench’s lowest point and remaining there for the longest duration.
He disclosed to Business Aviation Magazine in the summer of 2022 that he was born in Hong Kong, graduated from college in the middle of the 1980s, and obtained his pilot’s licensee during that time. Cambridge, and founded his aircraft company after making money in the banking software industry.

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان The Titanic dive, according to him, was originally scheduled for June 2022 but had to be postponed since “the submersible was unfortunately damaged on its previous dive.” No one was hurt in the event, he claimed.
He said, when asked if he was interested in pursuing new endeavor’s, “My view is that these are all calculated risks and are well understood before we start.”
He said on Facebook over the weekend that the trip was “likely to be the first and only in 2023” because of the unfavorable weather in Canada’s Newfoundland, where the missions originated.
Later, in a since-deleted Facebook post, his stepson Brian Szasz claimed that his stepfather had “gone missing on the submarine.”
David Mearns, a friend and expedition leader who specializes in marine science, called Mr. Harding a “very charming guy” who was drawn to risky excursions.

Patrick Woodhead, the creator of the British tour company White Desert Antarctica, called Mr. Harding a “incredible” aviation adventurer and sent his condolences to his wife Linda and sons.
NASA astronaut Terry Virtus described his friend as the “quintessential British explorer” who liked exploration and adventure but wasn’t an adrenaline junkie.
As Hamish stated on BBC Radio 4, some people watch Netflix, while others play golf, but he only needs to travel to the bottom of the ocean or into space to be satisfied. Today. World records flying around the earth.
Mr. Harding’s cousin and goddaughter, Lucy Consett, demanded a thorough investigation into his passing and referred to him as a “lovely caring person.”

“When I noticed that they had claimed hearing pounding noises, I was motivated to believe that perhaps the submersible might have been the source. But yesterday was the worst since that’s when I found out he didn’t make it and they all perished,” she remarked.
“More safety inspections ought to have been performed. Ocean Gate should have taken additional action… To determine what went wrong, why it occurred, and why they didn’t survive, a thorough investigation should be conducted.
As her godfather would have turned 59 years old, Ms. Cornett continued that she was also disappointed that she would be unable to wish him a good birthday.
Along with Paul-Henry Nargeolet,who, was also on board, Mr. Harding was a member of the Explorers Club, a little-known exploration organization with a century-old history. Other members of the Explorers Club include Sir Edmund Hillary and Amelia Earhart.
Richard Garrett de Bayeux, the organization’s president, claimed that Mr. Harding’s enthusiasm for the mission was evident at a meeting at the Global Exploration Summit last week.

Suleman Dawood, 19, and Shahada Dawood, 48

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان

Shahzad Dawood, Suleman, and Hamish Harding: Who was on the Titanic submarine?

A British businessman named Shahzad Dawood hails from one of Pakistan’s most affluent families. Suleman, his student son, and he were travelling in the submarine. Shahzad Dawood, Suleman, and Hamish Harding: Who was on the Titanic submarine?
Mr. Dawood lived in Sorbitol, southwest London, with his wife Christine and another child, Alina. The family had been visiting Canada for a month before the dive.
Shahada held the position of vice chairman for the significant Pakistani fertilizer manufacturer Engr Corporation.

He collaborated with the SETI Institute, a California-based research organization that looks for extraterrestrial life, as well as the Dawood Foundation, run by his family.
Shahzad also supported the British Asian Trust and the Prince’s Trust International, two charities established by King Charles III.
Previously, a representative for the palace stated that the King was sending his “thoughts and prayers” to everyone aboard.
Will Straw, the CEO of Prince’s Trust International, expressed his “deep sadness” over the tragic news.

It was deemed to be a “unfathomable tragedy” by the British Asian Trust.
The trust’s representative continued, “We try to take comfort in the enduring legacy of humility and humanity that they have left behind and find comfort in the knowledge that they passed on to the next stage of their spiritual journey hand-in-hand, father and son.”
According to Shahada’s relatives, he was passionate in “exploring different natural habitats” and had previously delivered speeches at the Oxford Union and the United Nations.
He received his degree from the University of Buckingham in England in 1998 after completing his studies there and in Philadelphia, US.
Suleman had just finished his first year at the university’s business school at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Suleman’s aunt reported that the 19-year-old stated he was “terrified” about the trip but wanted to please his father after hearing the news of his and his father’s deaths.
The teen was described as a “big fan of science fiction literature and learning new things” in a family statement. He also enjoyed volleyball and Rubik’s cubes, according to the statement.
Reportedly, he just received his diploma from Surrey’s ACS International School Chobham.
Prof. Sir Jim McDonald, the university’s president and vice chancellor, wrote to the students to let them know that Suleman was in the missing sub.
He stated that anyone who were impacted by the news could get assistance from the student welfare team.
Suleman and his fellow travelers’ suffering had been brought up during First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament.
Humza Yousaf, the first minister, stated: “My thoughts are very much with the families and the communities that are affected.”

Nargeolet,who Paul-Henry, age 77

Shahzad Dawood and Suleman || شہزاد داؤد اور سلیمان

On board was Mr. An ex-diver with the French Navy named Nargeolet,who.

He was dubbed “Mr. Titanic” and is credited with spending the most time at the wreckage of any explorer. He took part in the first mission to go there in 1987, just two years after it was identified.
He oversaw underwater research for a company that owns the rights to the Titanic shipwreck.
Mr. Nargeolet,who oversaw the recovery of thousands of Titanic antiquities, including the “big piece,” a 20-ton piece of the ship’s hull, according to a corporate description.
Mr. Nargeolet,who has been referred to as a “super-hero for us in France” by family spokesman Mathieu Johann.

He has scuba dived in all four corners of the globe and is considered the world’s expert on the Titanic, its construction, and the wreckage, according to Reuters.
Director Éric Darrien said that staff members “shared the grief of his family and friends” at Genevie, a division of the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea where Mr. Nargeolet,who had worked for more than ten years.
“The demise of this brave ocean adventurer, who made his mark on Genevie, has startled and saddened us. His dives will live on in French oceanography’s memory, he declared.
We also want to send our deepest sympathies to the families of the other Titan passengers.
Mr. Nargeolet,who mentioned his excitement for an expedition to salvage wreckage-related items shortly before boarding the submarine.
According to Reuters, Mr. Nargeolet’s French wife Anne resides in Connecticut but his children are not French citizens.


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