Smart Jewelry That Combines Technology And Fashion

Smart Jewelry That Combines Technology And Fashion Other wearable technology is available, despite the rise in popularity of fitness trackers and smart watches in recent years. These days, smart jewelers comes in a wide variety of designs. In this guide, we’ll examine the best products currently available.

Smart jewelers combines form and function so you may use fitness tracker features without being concerned about how the piece will look with more fashionable attire.

Although while the majority of wearable technology is designed with the wrist in mind, some of its products have different goals. Despite the fact that connected jewelry has been discussed for some time, there is now one well-known fitness tracker that offers a variety of jewelry options.

There will inevitably be a conversation about how everything you put on your body should emphasize style when it comes to wearable technology. Any device should do the same.

Smart Jewelry That Combines Technology And Fashion One of the best modern pieces of smart jewellery has to be the Motiv Ring. This product’s exceptional build quality and extensive feature set have generated a lot of excitement in the tech world. One of the best smart rings currently available is this one.


The Motive Ring has a rather simple design, much like a wedding ring. It uses a basic sophistication to stand out rather than complex designs or priceless stones. This gives the ring a very modern appearance that goes with any outfit.

The smartphone has a two-tone appearance because to the Motiv ring, which is actually rather nice. The inner plastic layer also provides the added benefit of making the ring a little more comfy. The ring can resist up to 165 feet of submersion in water. It is therefore fully safe to use it while bathing or swimming, though saltwater diving could still be harmful to it.


Although though this gadget only has a few features, it is nevertheless amazing—especially considering that it is a ring. The main features of the companion app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS, are activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking.

It’s possible that the best feature of this gadget is the capacity to track sleep. It’s disappointing that the majority of sleep monitors come in unattractive form factors like watches or bracelets. Naturally, the Motiv ring doesn’t have this problem, so it can measure your actual sleep patterns more precisely.

Smart Jewelr That Combines Technology And Fashion

Another amazing feature of the Motive rings sleep tracker is its capacity to wait until you nod off. This is accomplished by monitoring your resting heart rate; after it is certain that you are sleeping, it begins to watch your movements for indications of restlessness. The statistics, which include details for each night as well as a weekly average, are then available for inspection in the app.


The Motive ring has a three-day battery life. This is acceptable for a battery of this size, though not astonishing. To charge the ring, you must use the magnetic charger that is provided and plugged into a USB port.

When you first unbox the item, it must be fully charged because it is initially absolutely dead. It takes this process roughly 90 minutes. But, we can’t be upset because it’s a great deal to give up 90 minutes at a time to obtain 3 days of battery life.


Make a statement with beautiful jewelry that has features to keep you connected to the people and things that are most important to you.

  • Keep track of how many steps you take, how far you go, and how many calories you burn.
  • Set goals, monitor your progress, and receive alerts when you reach them.
  • To ensure that you never miss a message again, get customized phone alerts with 4 light vibration patterns and 5 light coolers.
  • Choose your preferred applications’ notifications and sync them with more than 100 well-known ones, such as guided audio breathing exercises and meditation (including health and productivity).


Smart Jewelry That Combines Technology And Fashion You may make a statement with beautiful jewellery that has features to keep you connected to the people and things that are most important to you.

Keep track of the steps you take, the distance you go, and the calories you burn. Set goals, monitor your progress, and receive notifications when you reach them. To ensure you never miss a message again, get customized phone notifications with 4 light vibration patterns and 5 light colors. Choose the notifications you want from your preferred applications, then sync them with more than 100 well-known ones, such as guided breathing exercises and audio meditation (including health and productivity).


a simple ring with built-in NFC capability. One of the two inlays on either side of the ring has a distinct NFC tag. The idea is that you might programmed them to do various jobs or save information. The inner (private) tag may be used to unlock your smartphone or even your front door, but the outside (public) tag may be used to offer contact information or a website link. An NFC Ring Control app is a free tool for configuring your ring. One of the ring’s attractions is the fact that it doesn’t require electricity.


Misfit Wearables’ Shine bridges the gap between smart jewelry and fitness trackers. It has an intriguingly designed activity tracker that initially seems like a locket and is made of matte aluminum in grey, black, topaz, or champagne. You may wear it on your wrist with a leather band, a sport band watch strap, or a necklace or clasp around your neck. It appears to be gender neutral. Twelve white LEDs light up when you double tap the Shine’s face to show how close you are to reaching your daily goal and to approximate the time.

It automatically detects and tracks all types of movement, including cycling, swimming, walking, and running it is waterproof up to 50 meters. To provide you a comprehensive picture of your health, it also monitors your sleep. Put it on your smartphone’s screen to sync it.


Bella eat, a cunning jeweler, enhanced the market with the sophisticated Bella eat Leaf Urban. This gadget provides a wonderful way to check your health without losing style.

The Bella eat Leaf Urban is a sizable pendant that may be worn as a clip, bracelet, or necklace. It is built from a stylish wood mixture that is molded into a frame with a stone-like appearance. It is attached with a stainless steel clip in the shape of a leaf. A chain, a leather bracelet strap, and a screwdriver for replacing the batteries are also included in the box.

The Bella eat Leaf Urban can wirelessly sync with the “Bella eat App,” which is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. A minimum requirement for this software is either an iPhone 4s or later or Android 4.3 or later.

Because the device may save information from the last 14 days, you have enough capacity on it to send data to your phone. Sadly, you have to manually sync Leaf Urban with your phone in order to prevent the recorded data from being destroyed after the designated amount of time. Its best quality is that you don’t have to charge it. The device has a coin cell battery that can be taken out and is powered for up to six months. You will be given a tool to remove the battery so that you may replace it easily when it runs out.

If you need a less obvious fitness tracker—more precisely, a piece of jewelry—that nonetheless looks great and accomplishes all the necessary duties of a fitness-tracking wristwatch, the Leaf Urban could be the ideal choice. It is certainly geared for the female market with features like Menstrual Cycle Monitoring (Period Tracking) and pregnancy monitoring.

If you use a contemporary jeweler item to maintain your smart clothing appearing eye-catching and on-trend, you won’t be unsatisfied when you head out for a night on the town. Whether you’re looking for something like the Leaf Urban to track things like your menstrual cycle, steps, and sleep, or you want something more runway-worthy, AuGrav helps you have the accessories manufactured in Gold.

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