Ozeri TH1: The Battery-Free Forehead Thermometer

Although the pandemic’s aftermath has made us more susceptible, it has also compelled us to take the initiative in addressing health-related issues. Since having a fever can lead to testing positive for COVID-19 and other illnesses, we need to take the appropriate precautions to maintain our health, such as regularly monitoring our body temperature. An infrared forehead thermometer with quick and precise readings is the Ozeri TH1.


It is the only digital thermometer on the market that runs on kinetic energy and doesn’t require batteries. It has an LCD screen, a fever alarm, and is offered in black and white. In addition, it satisfies the strictest industry standards for medical equipment manufacturing and has undergone clinical validation.

Are Non-contact Thermometers Better?

Disease transmission and the possibility of cross-contamination can both be decreased with non-contact thermometers. They are faster than touch thermometers at measuring and displaying temperature. Using forehead thermometers can provide you with the necessary information about airborne viruses, such as COVID-19, while preventing further contact with the potentially sick person.

Thermometers Better

Because they don’t require calibration, non-contact thermometers are simpler to use even though their accuracy isn’t as high as that of contact thermometers. Since the gadgets do not come into contact with the skin of the individual being evaluated, they are also simpler to clean. Additionally, some have built-in sirens that notify you if the person you’re assessing has a temperature.

Non-contact thermometers measure a surface’s temperature using infrared technology. The digital thermometer only needs to be pointed at the forehead in order to detect heat emanating from the subject within three to five centimeters.

Are Infrared Thermometers Safe?

The use of infrared thermometers is intrinsically safe. There is no infrared light that they emit. Instead, they use the temporal artery’s infrared radiation to measure the temperature. These non-contact thermometers are non-invasive, although some conditions (such as the environment, perspiration on the forehead, or head coverings) may alter the accuracy of the reading.

It requires no effort to use a non-contact thermometer such as the Ozeri TH1. For a quick reading, you can aim the device at the subject’s forehead. Additionally, the Ozeri TH1 is produced in accordance with IEC/EN 60601-1, ISO 80601-2-56, and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 medical standards. The device is safe to use because it satisfies all general and technical requirements for medical electrical equipment, including those related to safety and essential performance.

Features of Ozeri TH1

A lot of forehead thermometers need plug-in adapters and are battery-operated. Despite their low cost, these digital non-contact devices pollute the environment and add to landfill garbage due to their power sources. Exposure to the hazardous chemical component may occur if it contaminates groundwater.

The only forehead thermometer that doesn’t require batteries is the Ozeri TH1. Its sensor and digital screen run off of no batteries. To charge and power the device, just scroll its bottom wheel in any way.

It transforms kinetic energy into a digital charge so you can precisely measure the temperature of an object or check for a fever. The Ozeri TH1 produces an accurate measurement in as little as a second after it is charged.

Ozeri TH1

For optimal precision, it uses an infrared sensor that can quickly and accurately generate hundreds of data points including temperature and environmental factors. The device provides accurate temperature measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, with a measurement range of 93.2°F to 109.4°F (34°C to 43°C), to the nearest 0.1°F or 0.1°C.

The Ozeri TH1 is a member of the touchless digital thermometer class. Non-contact thermometers, as opposed to oral thermometers, have the ability to reduce cross-infection concerns and sanitization delays. If not thoroughly cleaned after every use, these contact thermometers have the potential to transmit illnesses and infections.

The Ozeri TH1 has all the functionality required to detect temperatures, yet it is more environmentally friendly than other digital thermometers. The measuring findings and charging status are shown on a crisp LCD. It uses the body temperature it senses to create a frown or a cheerful face.

It detects whether a person’s temperature is normal or greater than usual and emits an auditory beep-sequence alarm. When there is just one beep, the temperature is normal. But if it beeps once, for a long time, and then again for a short while, then you have a fever and should take action to lower the temperature.

Be aware that your normal body temperature can fluctuate throughout the day, particularly under certain conditions like the second part of a woman’s menstrual cycle or after an intense physical exercise. Our body heat is also influenced by other things, like thick clothing, intense emotions, and high humidity.

Your body’s temperature can notify you of infection early warning signals, particularly in cases of COVID-19 or influenza. A clinically proven gadget that is intended for both children and adults can be used to stop the fever from getting worse or from further deteriorating the patient’s health. But it’s equally critical to keep in mind the body’s defense mechanism against infection—the fever. To get the right care, it’s equally crucial to see a doctor if other symptoms don’t go away.


It is preferable to prevent than to cure. Use a non-contact digital thermometer to take control of your physical health and be proactive. An always-ready non-contact thermometer is helpful, especially in view of the triple threats that the United States is currently experiencing from the most recent strains of COVID-19, influenza, and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

It’s important to keep in mind that illnesses can cause mild to severe fevers along with other symptoms. Since we are approaching peak season and there will be more CDC health advisories, now is the perfect time to make sure that homes, workplaces, and other establishments have the right fever detection equipment, such as the Ozeri TH1, to help with diagnosis and prevent infection.

The Ozeri TH1 is the only battery-free forehead thermometer with infrared technology that can give immediate response because it is powered by movement energy. Never before has taking your body temperature been so simple and effective. You can create enough charge with a few rotations of the kinetic wheel to measure someone’s body temperature precisely. Because it is professionally validated and appropriate for both adults and children, your safety is assured.


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